Womens - Anklets

Womens - Bangles and Bracelets - 9 Carat Solid Gold

Womens - Bangles and Bracelets - Bangles

Create the perfect arm party with our various bangles, choose different weights to design an interesting collection!

Womens - Bangles and Bracelets - Bracelets

Womens - Bangles and Bracelets - Cuffs

Womens - Christmas

Womens - Earrings - 18 Carat Gold Plated

Womens - Earrings - Iris Drops

Womens - Earrings - Sterling Silver

Womens - Earrings - Studs

Womens - Necklaces


Say it simply with jewellery – our pieces are designed to be worn everyday and to always tell a message. Add charms and initials to create stories and memories that will stay with you a lifetime.

Womens - Necklaces - 18 Carat Gold Plated Charms

Womens - Necklaces - Chokers

Womens - Necklaces - Semi Precious

Renné semi precious Sweetie Charms, designed to inspire. Full of colour, meaning, tone and texture; create your own collection of symbolic charms.

Womens - Necklaces - Solid 9 Carat Victorian Gold

Womens - Rings - 18 Carat Gold Plated

Mixing metals can add dimension and individuality to your jewellery collection, by introducing our gold plated pieces you can now wear gold and silver alongside each other! Our 18 Carat gold plated jewellery is more delicate than our sterling silver collection. Gold plating is a layer of 18 carat gold over sterling silver which in time can wear away. We advise to store your collection in one of our handmade velvet pockets ensure they are fully protected. Please note we do offer a repeating service , for more information email us info@rennejewellery.co.uk

Womens - Rings - 9 Carat Solid Gold

Womens - Rings - Hope Collection

Our Hope Rings are named after “sliver of light” meaning hope. Our Hope rings sit more flush than our Iris Rings and are designed to be stacked together or with our Angelo and Halo Rings. Each stone measures 1.5cm across and 0.8cm from top to bottom and is faceted to catch the natural light.

Womens - Rings - Iris Collection

We have designed our semi precious stone pieces to compliment our current signature silver collection. The way the stone has been designed to sit in its setting allows maximum light to make its way through the stone enhancing its natural beauty. We chose our favourite semi precious stones that hold enchanting beneficial properties. Our fascination and love for greek mythology helped us to name our first iconic gem stone rings. Iris is the greek goddess of the rainbow which we thought celebrated each stone perfectly. The iconic Iris Apfel is also a huge inspiration to both of us as she said “jewellery is the most transformative thing you can wear”, we would like to agree!

Womens - Rings - Sterling Silver

If only we had more fingers to wear them all at once! We love to play with our rings and stack them to build a whole new dimension. Our jewellery is made to be simple and eclectic – make it yours and wear it your way.

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