Make May the month you make a change to your routine. Maybe taking your dog for a walk each morning, spending the weekend exploring the countryside or a days adventure hiking, make this month matter. Using the hashtag #NationalWalkingMonth lets make a change to improve our bodies, mind and fitness.

No more excuses, lets do this! We really struggle with exercising, the motivation to put on the trainers and just get your foot out the door. It can be hard (yes this does sound pathetic). I have never been an exercise or fitness enthusiast, how ever much I would like to be. The fluorescent gym gear, comfy leggings and long tops are in some weird way irresistible. But with no reason to buy I always end up putting them back. I would be lying to say all of them as I do have a “gym” kit.

“I would be lying to say all of them as I do have a “gym” kit”

Mum and I recently decided it was time to embrace a more active lifestyle and get out into the fresh air. It is really, REALLY boring to say but we both have bad backs which makes running a pain in the arse, literally. We have found that what works for us both is #walking at a fast pace. It increases your heart rate, gets your blood circulating all whilst building up hormones to release and benefit our mood.

“through woodlands and by rivers”

Walking up steep hills however is not something I like to do. Taking in the beautiful nature and countryside, through woodlands and by rivers is much more my type of walk. Taking the dogs too always makes it more enjoyable, Teddie loves coming with us. We are spoilt for choice where we live for places to go, even for a fast paced walk on a morning it is easy to find somewhere beautiful.

Take time out for YOU!

Taking time out from our screens, the hustle that is life and breathing in the fresh air can do our well being so much good. Concentration levels increase and our memory can be enhanced, the perfect way to start our working day. Keeping our minds less stressed and our bodies more active can only be a win win.

Top Tips for #NationalWalkingMonth

  1. Put on trainers
  2.  Go for a walk
  3. Repeat
  4. Often
  5. Track your steps (using FitBit or Health App on your iPhone)
  6. Drink H2O – seriously you won’t believe the difference!

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