Jewellery can be the most powerful part of an outfit; the jewels that we wear have the potential to completely change a look in an instant. The right jewellery takes a simple white shirt from a casual everyday number to smart office wear or party chic, just like that. Wearing jewellery is like wearing art on our body. It dances with the light and tells a story- how beautiful is that? 

It wasn’t until I was about 20 that I really started buying jewellery for myself. Throughout my teens, I was gifted jewellery for birthdays and family pieces were passed down to me. Not to forget, I was definitely guilty of buying jewellery because of a fashion phase. A lot of these items will always remain in my jewellery collection as favourites or as sentimental pieces, however the fun of picking my own jewels has begun and it’s all about finding something that reflects my personality and something that’s unique.

 As much as I love my jewels to look beautiful, I also love my jewellery to feel personal. When I added the Greek Hercules Coin to my jewellery collection, it was just after my recent sailing holiday in Greece, and now it’s the perfect reminder of sparkling blue waters and the white buildings dripping in pink flowers.

3 steps to consider when choosing the perfect jewels…

What are you looking for? 

 Your jewellery should reflect you, so it’s important to have a starting point. If you’re looking for something that will become a staple in your daily collection, be sure to think about choosing something that has the potential to layer and the diversity to be worn with most things. I love mixing chain sizes and wrapping longer chains to create different looks, the 28” chain is perfect for this. Maybe you are looking for something that’s more of a statement item to steal the show? Think about the colours of clothing you often wear, and choose something that is going to compliment them. Pick quality items that have been crafted to be unique and it’s sure to feel like you’re wearing a little piece of treasure. 

Quality, Size and Fit. 

I love buying jewellery that has been made with passion. Knowing that the girls at Renne have put so much thought and care into creating their items makes me love my jewels even more. Ask questions about the materials, and find out the inspiration behind the items when you try them on. 

Picking the right size and fit can make a huge difference. Asking Helen and Annie for advice on chain length, ring shapes and bracelet styles that will suit you most might reveal something you didn’t know! You want to pick the shapes and sizes that will accentuate your features and complexion to bring out the best you. 

Timeless and Personal. 

 As you get older, you don’t want to grow out of your jewellery. However, you also don’t want to avoid buying something that you absolutely love because it’s a little different to usual. There’s a balance to be found between buying pieces that feel classic and timeless and buying pieces that are personal and quirky. 

My Advice: 

 A timeless piece will last you for LIFE with a lot of wear.

If you absolutely LOVE it, it’s going to be personal, so it will always be timeless to you.

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