Photo credit: Jade @ Gasp Photography 

Renné Mothers Day Campaign

Rennison & Royle family

To celebrate Mothers Day this year we photographed three of our wonderful customers and friends families to take part in our campaign. To kick things off, we thought we would be the first to go! (ps. just missing our gorgeous little brother Alfie who couldn’t make the photo shoot!)

Ben 28 – Annie 25 – Alfie 13 – Bea 13

What is your favourite meal that Mum cooks?

Ben: Fish pie.

Annie: Fish pie.

Alfie: Fajitas.

Bea: Honey roast ham with dauphinoise potatoes and Yorkshire salad!

What is something Mum always says to you?

Ben: Mum always calls me Darling or Sweetie but something very specific is when we end the conversation on the phone, she always has to say bye about 462 times.

Annie: Do what makes you happy!

Alfie: How long have you been on your Xbox?!

Bea: Always be kind.

Where is your favourite place to spend time with Mum?

Ben: In the fields with the dogs.

Annie: We could be anywhere together… But I do love being in St Mawes on the beach with our books or a G&T!

Alfie: Either at home or on holiday in Cornwall.

Bea: In Betty’s drinking Yorkshire tea.

Look out for next weeks family on our blog and Instagram!


Ps. Mothers Day 31st March 2019