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I recently discovered the benefits of having a peace lily in our home. It is known they can naturally improve the amount of pollutants in the air. It helps to reduce the levels of mold spores that grow in the home, absorbing those spores through its leaves and then circulating them to the plant’s roots where they are used as food. It isn’t only pretty to look at with its big white bracts and glossy green leaves it is also very low maintenance, win win! According to Feng shui, peace lily brings positive energy and a peaceful touch to the room.

“Delivering you the best of humanity since 2012. 💫♥️🌎”

Humanity delivered to us daily, one of my most recent Instragram followings. Shedding light on what can be dark days, we need all the positive vibes we can get right now!

Follow them here – @upworthy

I fell for these beautiful, bold pieces of art after seeing them on @carasuthers Instagram.

I love using social media to connect me to small businesses I wouldn’t normally find. The talented husband and wife due, Emma and Andrew are behind the brand Modo Creative. I have my eye on one of these for when I can find the space!

“Modo specialises in personalised gifts, each item can be tweaked to suit your needs – we believe in lovely things and unique products. Everything you find here is designed and made by us or by local traders. We don’t do mass produced, we do products with heart and soul. So go on… start getting creative!”

I have had Fiit for a couple of years, but since joining the gym I haven’t been using my membership however now is the perfect time to pick this wonderful app back up.

You simply link the app to your tv and work out in your own home, choose from all types of workout. You can be taught your class by the likes of @chessiekingg  (who we couldn’t possibly love more, her positive energy is totally infectious and she uses her platform to teach us all about body image), @catmeffan and @alexcrockford.

“By integrating your stats on screen, it kind of feels like you’re playing a video game, just with much healthier outcomes.” Forbes

I fell in love with Nina’s recipes a couple of years ago, she bases her inspiration from the south of France and has published two books – Nina St Tropez and Capri. She has an archive of recipes on her website here – www.ninafood.com

Look for mouth watering inspiration via her Instagram!

“I am always looking to show how this type of food can be full of flavour and many recipes concentrate on a delicious dressing or sauce to achieve this.”