Renné Jewellery

An introduction to our brand and latest Sweetie & Scroll Collections

Renné semi precious Sweetie Charms, designed to inspire. Full of colour, meaning, tone and texture; create your own collection of symbolic charms.

Our love of colour and semi precious stones is ignited in our new collection of Sweetie Charms. Each precious stone holds its own individual characteristics and properties. You will find yourself drawn to a particular colour, the way our unique pineapple facet creates flashes of light through the stone will have you falling in love. Set in a solid sterling silver bowl setting, they are tactile and precious pieces of jewellery you will continue to wear for years to come. 

Fall for the intriguing, dancing colours of Labrodite or the sweet stone of love Rose Quartz, you will naturally be attracted to the stone that is made for you.

Hosted at Dean Street Town House, Soho

20th September 2018