Richmond, North Yorkshire

Richmond North Yorkshire

Sometimes you don’t realise what you have around yourself, well I don’t. I feel like we are always striving or looking for the next beautiful place. Planning where to go next, or where shall we go this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, one of my favourite things to do is explore new places and adventure however a recent afternoon made me appreciate my quaint, local market town – Richmond North Yorkshire. Although it was one of the sunniest days of 2017 so far!

“quaint local market town”

Richmond, North Yorkshire is edging onto the Yorkshire Dales National Park, brimming with picturesque views and hidden streets.

To be honest I feel as though the sleepy market town has been over ridden with charity shops due to extortionate rent and rates. Only a few strong, independent retailers are standing, which I find a huge shame. We both love to support our local businesses and our favourites are :

“we need to encourage small independent businesses”

I am passionate about rural businesses and ensuring they are able to stay alive. It is not easy to sustain a healthy business in such small towns with decreasing amounts of visitors yet increasing rates of rent. We need to encourage small independent businesses to open in these sleepy towns. However if only it was made easier for businesses to open brick and mortar shops. For me it works in a cycle, the better the quality of shops the more visitors will travel to these towns, improving the economy.

My kind of afternoon stroll

Pick up lunch at Wildred’s Deli, choose from their fresh local daily menu although don’t forget your Grumpy Mule coffee from Mocha. Walk from the market square around onto Tower Street Castle Wynd. Around the castle wall you will find hidden benches shielded from the wind where you can sit peacefully. You can walk down to the river but I prefer to get lost between the small streets and admire the colourful front doors!

Make the most of the area around you, utilise what you have and enjoy where you live!

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