The Renné Tote x Artist Tim Brown

For years we have wanted to launch a Renné cotton tote bag – I love anything branded so this was another piece of material I just had to have!

As a nation we are becoming more and more aware of the need to reduce plastic and recycle so we are joining in and championing to cut down by using our ethically sourced cotton totes each day. I dont know about you but I am such a bag lady, I always have been and always will be. As a child I would take bags and hide anything I fancied inside, then stash them away under the sofa, behind doors, under my bed – much to my mums annoyance! Now I keep my Renné Tote in my work bag to take post and parcels to the post office, for extra bits on a weekend away, my books whilst on holiday  etc etc… They fold up neatly and are extremely handy whilst being ultimately chic and kind to the planet.

After a lot of deliberating we finally decided we would like a Renné inspired illustration to be printed on the bags. I had been pinning a lot of the French artist Henry Matisse’s work, I loved the way his fluid lines caught the expression in a portrait and wanted to emulate something similar. He was a polymath, much like a lot of us these days; he was known as a sculptor and printmaker but primarily a painter. Our good friend, Tim Brown –  who in fact designed our logo took our brief and came back with the most perfect illustration. It was like love at first sight! We decided to name her Rose (right) and immediately sent her to the printers to be emblazoned onto our fresh cotton totes. Since then Tim sent us another continuous line version (left) and we love her just as much!

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