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Miami’s art and soul

I was recently in Miami for four days and number one on my list of places I really wanted to visit was Wynwood. Wynwood is like no place you will have been before, the neighbourhood shouts creativity and expression. Each street is lined with vibrant murals, each building is covered with a unique piece of art. It felt free, like all the rules had been broken. Over flowing with cafes, juice bars, small boutiques and innovative design hubs – it is an outdoor gallery on city scale! If art, colour and impromptu photoshoots are your thing, this is a MUST see!

“colour will envelope you”

I had come across #wynwoodwalls on Instagram and made a huge conscious effort to make our way there. Instagram allows you to find so many insane places in the world we might never find otherwise. I would recommend using hashtags or locations on the app when visiting new places, you never know what you might find. There are also lots of profiles on Instagram dedicated to Wynwood like @wynwoodmiami @wynwoodwallsofficial @wynwoodartdistrict . The deeper you go into the district the busier the streets feel, the more colour will envelope you. I loved the contrast of art, lots were conflicting and had evoking messages others were patterns of mindfulness.

“houses some of the most acclaimed graffiti artists”

Wynwood Walls” is a program to help artists showcase their work. Each year new work is painted, meaning there is always a reason to come back and visit. Enclosed within Wynwood Walls there is an indoor gallery, a garden gallery and bar/kitchen area.  It houses some of the most acclaimed graffiti artists and also new emerging artists. Check times before you visit as some days and hours they aren’t open.

Tips for visiting

  • If you don’t have your own car, I would say to book an Uber/taxi into the Wynwood neighbourhood as it can be a little sketchy outside of the main Wynwood Walls area
  • Take enough time out of your day to visit, make plenty of time to explore
  • Look down at the pavement as you will find lots of hidden messages beneath your feet!
  • Visit during the week as on Sundays a lot of places are closed
  • Walk, walk and keep on walking… enjoying getting lost, you will find more

By Alexis Diaz a Puerto Rican artist. There was another mural inside of Wynwood Walls which was an elephant cross octopus, they are like hybrid animals. This particular artist was who I was the most drawn too, he has impeccable attention to detail.

By Maya Hayuk for the “Women on the walls” project. When you look closely you can see all the drips of paint that have fallen to the floor, the colours all mixed together were beautiful, like coloured raindrops.

10,000 Buddahs by Amanda Giacomini – “This body of work began with a pilgrimage to India and evolved into an artistic journey to create Ten Thousand Buddhas”

Nothing lasts forever by David Choe, part of the Fearlesswalls Exhibition

Thank you for reading our piece on Wynwood, Miami. We hope you enjoyed it, any questions are welcome, we would love to read your comments!

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