Those cosy evenings, the chunky knit sweaters, and smells of warmth and spice are slowly creeping up on us. Although we all wish for one last dose of winter sunshine, and pray that the snow might hold off for just that little bit little longer- there is something very twinkly about winter. 

What do you love about winter? Perhaps it’s the Hygge feeling of your home when you’ve lit all the candles and your family is enjoying cheese and biscuits on a Sunday evening? Maybe it’s the excitement that the red lippies will be making an appearance again? Personally, I love the ‘winter style’- the layering upon layering, neutral tones and endless accessories. 

Let me share a few little styling ideas for your Renne collection this winter… 

The Slouchy Knit

We all have that one, beloved, knitted number that we will be wearing constantly this winter. New or old, its a must for our winter staples. Perfect for the casual, daily errands and comfy weekend wear- it goes with everything. 

Focus on layering your necklaces with simple knits, this will add more detail to your outfit very quickly to make it feel a little less ‘boring’. Along side the necklaces, opt for rings with colour that are going to stand out against your neutral garments. 

Perfect pieces:

28” Ball Chain Luna Moon– Wrap this twice to give a choker affect and draw attention to the minimal skin you have on show.

18” Ball Chain Star – A little winter touch of magic with the star charm to hang in a flattering V shape.

Labrodite Iris Ring – A bold contrast and statement piece when paired with light coloured knits.

Party Glam

Think deep velvet, plunging necklines, and silky textures. The party outfit that you’ve been dying to wear since the nights turned darker, is going to feel complete when you’ve added your Renne selection. 

Theres room for a little sparkle here. Bring the frosting to your hands and wrists with a cluster of gems and leave room for a single neck piece as the centre of attention. 

Perfect pieces: 

Clear Quartz Sweetie Drop- The clear colour is going to go with all your party dresses and sparkle in the light.

Baby Lana Bangle- Delicate on the wrist and perfect to layer up.

Halo Ring- These rings are perfect for stacking and will compliment your other rings. I’d recommend stacking a few.

Clear Quartz Hope Ring- A reflection of your neck jewels on your fingers, see the collection for lots of beautiful colours.

Kiss Ring- Add this to your other hand for a bit of balance.

Who’s that girl?

We’ve all seen the girl who looks effortlessly trendy in something so simple. This collection is for the turtle neck days, oversized shirts and our favourite pair of skinny jeans. Outfits that are great day to day, but feel equally beautiful when adding a pair of heels for drinks with the girls. 

Perfect Pieces:

Polo Studs- A little detail to the ears will compliment your skin and hair.

Mini Hoops- Add these to your second piercing for effortless chic.

16” Belcher Chain Gold Polo- Adding a bit of gold to warm up the skin and a short chain to keep your gems on show for any neckline.

Halo Rings- Stacking these to add to the layers.

Lemon Quartz Iris Ring- The perfect drop of colour in your look.

Written by Kate Howard

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