Angelo Ring

After visiting one of our favourite cities in the world, Rome we were inspired to design the Angelo Ring. This ring is named after the bridge Ponte Sant’ Angelo. The reflections in the River Tibe influenced the shape of one of our most wearable rings. We like to stack our Angelo’s together or with our Halo Ring

Trinity Ring

Our Trinity Ring is made from three connecting bands with each one having a separate meaning – spiritual growth, eternal life and never ending love. We love what this piece symbolises and is a constant reminder of the important things in our lives.

Kiss Ring

A little sign of love. Our Kiss Ring works really well on your little finger and is a sweet reminder of the special times shared with your favourite people. The perfect gift for your best friends, family and loved ones.

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Our sterling silver collection is a simple yet bold and eclectic collection of rings, all designed to be worn and mixed together. You will soon find a ring that resonates with your personality and becomes your go to piece. Try stacking Halo Rings to create new dimensions, add Oolana Rings for height and a whole new look. Our rings tell their own story with individual markings from the makers bench and will continue to grow in character once they are yours.

Bringing stones into our jewellery has always been a big goal and rings are the natural direction to go. We have designed a beautiful, unique collection of sterling silver rings with faceted semi precious stones, including topaz, labrodite, lemon quartz, rose quartz, chrysoprase, ammonite and amethyst. We are completely in love with each one, all the stones have unique stories and meanings.


The Halo Rings are simple but we love to wear these piled up, try two or three for a cool effortless style. Our Oolana Rings were designed with stacking in mind, they are incredibly versatile and can be worn up to four different ways.
We suggest a stack of Halo Rings or our Kiss Ring.
If you are unsure it is very important to check before making your order. The easiest way is to pop into your local jewellers and ask them to measure your chosen finger/fingers. This way we know it will fit you for certain.

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